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Peace and Flambe' The hottest under-the-radar event a retro-1960s art happening called “Peace and Flambé.” Sculptor Lawrence Voytek and painter/digital artist Michael St. Amand and avant-garde flutist Kat Epple.
Michael St. Amand Michael St. Amand uses raw, vibrant colors, fabric, photos and other found objects, geometric shapes and expressionistic movement which allow his real and abstract subjects to exist harmoniously within each piece. His themes range from religion, nature and sexuality to fashion, politics and other current events.
Sonic Combine Sonic Combine performs original progressive, electronic, acoustic, Art Music and sound timbres on metal sculptures, electronic instruments, world flutes, and Theremin. Their abstract sound is not always musical, sometimes discordant, sometimes beautiful, often powerful, and always evocative. Sonic Combine consists of long-time friends, Lawrence Voytek, Kat Epple, and Laurence Getford.

Kat Epple

Kat Epple has created soundtracks for National Geographic, Nova, and NASA, PBS and a many others. Emmy Award and Peabody Award winning Kat Epple has released over 30 albums internationally. Check out the Sounds and Sights.


Roy Lichtenstein
Roy Lichtenstein helped shape fifty years of twentieth-century art history. The Foundation looks forward with confidence in our ability to foster an enhanced appreciation of all his art and his historic contributions to the benefit of the twenty-first century and beyond.
James Rosenquist James Rosenquist studied art at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. In 1955 he moved to New York to study at the Art Students League. By 1960, he had quit painting billboards and rented a small studio space in Manhattan where his neighbors included artists Robert Indiana, Ellsworth Kelly, and Jack Youngerman. In 1962, he had his first solo exhibition at the Green Gallery in New York, and afterward was included in a number of groundbreaking group exhibitions that established Pop art as a movement.


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