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Lawrence Voytek

The History of Art and the business of making art has been his focus in life. He has consulted for art installation, fabrication and restoration with renowned national and international museums and galleries. A BFA from Rhode Island School of design and was Bob Rauschenberg’s fabricator from 1982 until he passed away and continues his studies of what matters in life through the Arts. Lawrence's work can be found in many important corporate and private collections.

Lawrence _ Voytek Studio 2007

"Whats Up With That?"

Sonic Combine
performs original progressive, electronic, acoustic, Art Music and sound timbres on metal sculptures, electronic instruments, world flutes, and Theremin. Their abstract sound is not always musical, sometimes discordant, sometimes beautiful, often powerful, and always evocative. Sonic Combine consists of long-time friends, Lawrence Voytek, Kat Epple, and Laurence Getford.


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